WordPress Backups In the Cloud

Get weekly cloud backups with our all-inclusive maintenance package. Plus, we offer easy restores whenever you might need them. All backups are fully managed with Amazon S3 and restored with a single click.

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Easiest Way to Backup Your WordPress Site

You don’t want to lose everything you’ve made on your site. Our backup services keep your files safe, so you can focus on growing your business.

Managed Backup Features

Never Lose Your Data

   Backup to Amazon S3

We perform weekly backups using the best plugins available. We use our proprietary software that stores backups with Amazon S3 cloud technology.

   Weekly Backups

We perform weekly backups so that we always have an updated version of your website.

 24/7 Support

We make it easy to go back to any restore point. Our team can restore your website whenever you need it most with one click.

   Secure Backups

All of our information is backed up under high-security standards, including industry-standard encryption.

   US/EU Storage Choice

No matter where you are on the globe, we got you covered. We allow our customers to store their information in the US or EU for optimal performance.

 Emergency Site Restores

Emergencies can happen at any moment. We’re just a call (or ticket) away when they do.

Your Most Important Asset Is Your Information

Don’t lose it. You can prevent data loss by signing up for WordPress Gang’s all-inclusive maintenance plan in just five minutes.

Request Backups Using Your Favorite Backup Plugin

In addition to the backups we have on our secure servers, you can also request a backup to be made with a trusted backup plugin of your choosing. Whether it’s All in One WP Migration, Duplicator, or UpdraftPlus, we’ve got you covered!

   Amazon S3 Backup

We perform manual or scheduled backups for all of your WordPress files, databases, plugins, and themes. Everything gets stored in the cloud with Amazon S3 services.

   Scheduled Copies

We schedule daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly backups of your site, according to your needs. You never need to worry about backing up again.

 Restoration Points

Need to go back in time? We do a lot of backups, so it’s easy to rewind to any restore point.

How Do Site Backups Work?

We create a backup of all your WordPress files, databases, and more before encrypting it and sending it to the cloud, making it securely stored and easy to recover when needed.

Step One

Join the Gang!

Our maintenance packages include our backup services. Once you sign up, our team will set your site up with the necessary tools to keep it secured and backed up.

Step Two

Backup Configuration

Our team configures backups based on your specifications. We’ll select the files, plugins, themes, and everything else that needs to be preserved.

Step Three

Cloud Storage

We perform our backups with the highest security standards, and we send them to the cloud via Amazon’s S3.

Step Four

Requesting a Backup

Whenever you need a backup copy, you can send us a ticket through our ticketing service. We’ll take your request and follow through to your exact specifications.

We will take care of your website

Benefits of Backing Up Your WordPress Site

  No More Loss of Information

Information is precious, and nobody wants to lose it. With our backup service, you’ll be protected from errors, problems, and hackers.

   Securely Stored Information

Your information is kept secure and encrypted, far away from hackers or malicious users. Security is essential to WordPress Gang, and we will hold your information safe.

   Backups help us with upgrades

That the updates of components of your website do not cause problems or losses, make a backup before these updates is the most convenient and can be a great ally in these situations.

   Regular backups

Backups help us in more ways than one, so it is best to keep in mind that backups should be regular for our website.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Great design and quick turn around on my business website. If you are looking for a great web design company, then I recommend WP Gang 100%.”

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“I needed to get my WordPress based website up to latest releases for plug-ins and I needed to do upgrades in other areas to improve response time on pages. Then I needed to get some SEO work done on my website. I was looking for someone who could come up to speed quickly and do a good solid job in a timely manner. WP Gang Delivered.”

Michael Hugos

SCM Globe

“Completely happy with WP Gang and their work, we will certainly be working on more projects in the near future (white-label).”

Brent Ellis

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