WordPress Maintenance Features

Maintaining your WordPress site is as important as creating it. Regular updates, security checks, and backups – it's a lot to manage. That's where WordPress Gang comes in. We ensure your website is always in top form, letting you focus on what you do best – running your business.

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Plugin/Theme Updates

Never worry about outdated plugins or themes again. Our team regularly updates all your plugins and themes, ensuring your site runs smoothly, stays secure, and delivers an optimal performance.

Weekly Backups

Data loss can be devastating. We prevent such catastrophes by conducting weekly backups of your website. We safeguard your content, ensuring you can recover swiftly and completely in case of any unforeseen events.

Weekly Reports

Stay informed about your site's performance. We provide weekly reports that detail all the updates, backups, and maintenance work we've performed. This way, you can focus on your business, knowing that your website is in good hands.

24/7 Security Monitoring

Your website's security is our top priority. Our dedicated team monitors your site round-the-clock, identifying and addressing any potential threats or vulnerabilities before they become a problem.

Real-Time Uptime Monitoring

We ensure your website is always available to your customers. Our real-time uptime monitoring swiftly identifies any downtime, and our team jumps into action to get your site back up and running.

Emergency Service

Unexpected issues can occur at any time. We're always ready to step in and fix problems quickly, ensuring minimal disruption to your site's operation.