WordPress Security:
We’re Your Bodyguards

Today’s internet security is not a game. We at WordPress Gang take your website’s security seriously, and that’s why we bring your page to the highest standards.

We will take care of protecting you from malicious attackers.

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We Keep Unwanted Visitors Away

Hackers, viruses, and exploits that roam the internet are always looking to sneak in. Whether it’s through a common exploit or a malicious user, we keep your site protected with a powerful firewall and 24 hour monitoring services.

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24/7 WordPress Monitoring Features

   Monitoring Tools

We use the best WordPress security plugins on the market, ensuring our clients’ website is secure and have peace of mind.

   Automated Monitoring

We automate our monitoring services to ensure your WordPress site is never unprotected. We use the data from these services to check for possible risks and fix them quickly.


We perform routine vulnerability scans to ensure that any weak points of the WordPress platform are well defended.

   Scheduled Updates

Our services include periodic security plugin updates to ensure they are always up to date with the best tools possible.

   Safety Protocols

With our security protocols, your WordPress Website won’t lose any date in the event of a malicious attack.

 Fortified Credentials

We encrypt all user data for our clients, ensuring their privacy is maintained and hackers will be left with nothing to gain.

We Will Monitor Your Website 24 Hours a Day

Our powerful firewall system will keep your WordPress site protected even while you’re asleep. We use continuous scans to monitor the status of your website for weaknesses, potential exploits, and other issues.

“An average of 30,000 websites are hacked every day. A new cyberattack occurs somewhere on the web every 39 seconds.”

iThemes Security Pro, Included in Your Package

The best WordPress Security plugin is included in our services. iThemes Security Pro eliminates any security woes and makes it easier to protect your website.

   Brute force attacks

We limit the number of failed login attempts allowed per user, utilizing WordPress’ brute force protection. When bots try to force their way into your system, they get shut down immediately.

   Modified files

If a malicious attack manages to break into your site, they typically modify the files while they’re in. You’ll receive email alerts showing any recent changes to your site, so you’ll be notified immediately. We can also revert these files to a previous version.

  404 Be Gone

We routinely scan your website for potential 404 errors, as well as malicious bots that might be on your site. We’ll block the IP to ensure there’s no potential damage done to your site’s infrastructure.

   Strong passwords

All password requirements for your site’s users will be changed to require stronger, more complex ones. Enforcing a strong password policy is the easiest way to protect your website and it’s users.

  Hide login

If someone manages to break into your site, they will add, delete or change files. Receive email alerts showing any recent changes to files so you know if you’ve been hacked. We will also revert them to their original state.

   Absence mode

If you don’t need to make changes to your website 24 hours a day, we can make your dashboard inaccessible during specific parts of the day. With that, no potential attackers can attempt to make any changes.

How Do We Secure Your Website?

Unlike most WordPress companies, we do not offer a “fix and forget” service. We offer a WordPress specialist who
works with you to ensure your site is secure and stays secure.

Step One

Sign Up For One of Our Packages

Sign up for one of our all-inclusive WordPress maintenance plans. These include our WordPress security services powered by our team of experts.

Step Two

Safety Review

Our team of professionals will review the security status of your site to search for any potential weaknesses. Once completed, we’ll generate a report of your site’s security for you to view.

Step Three

Application of Security Measures

After identifying any vulnerabilities, we will apply any security patches, reinforce access points and set up a firewall for round-the-clock protection. Regardless of the status of your site, you’ll get the same 24/7 peace of mind.

Step Four

Safety Report

Finally, we send you weekly reports about your website, informing you of any changes made to your site. This includes any security threats that may have been dealt with in the meantime.

We will take care of your website

Benefits of WordPress 24/7 Monitoring

   Hackers and Updates

With our monitoring, you’ll be able to counter any attacks on your website or software updates that could harm your system.

   Safety Leakage Protection

Strengthening your website’s weak points helps prevent potential data leaks or critical issues.

   No Need to Get Your Hands Dirty

Our constant monitoring allows us to always be aware of the security level of your website, and allows us to create a contingency plan in case of attack.

   Peace of Mind in the Digital World

WP Gang takes web security very seriously, and we do our best to keep our sites secure. With us, you’ll always know your page is secure and safe.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Great design and quick turn around on my business website. If you are looking for a great web design company, then I recommend WP Gang 100%.”

Jason Jeter


“I needed to get my WordPress based website up to latest releases for plug-ins and I needed to do upgrades in other areas to improve response time on pages. Then I needed to get some SEO work done on my website. I was looking for someone who could come up to speed quickly and do a good solid job in a timely manner. WP Gang Delivered.”

Michael Hugos

SCM Globe

“Completely happy with WP Gang and their work, we will certainly be working on more projects in the near future (white-label).”

Brent Ellis

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