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WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS. Protect it better with our all-in-one security, maintenance, and support service.

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Stay Worry-Free with WP Gang

Securing WordPress requires a firm grasp of its ins and outs. Our experts have the knowledge
to keep your blog safe from both hackers and malware.

Avoid Hackers

No one wants unwanted visitors to your site! That’s why we use trusted, WP Gang-certified security plugins to help optimize your site’s infrastructure.

Keep Your Information Safe 

We’ll keep all of your site’s information safe as well. That includes website files, passwords, orders, etc.

Improve your Web Positioning

Search engines will recognize that your website is secure and will, as a result,  improve your rankings.

Keep your Web free of Malware

Your website will always be monitored by our Our professionals monitor your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in search of malware or any potentially harmful virus. Your blog’s platform is only as strong as its security, so rely on us to keep your blog safe and secure.

Security With iThemes Pro

iThemes Security Pro is one of the most comprehensive security plugins on the WordPress repository. We’ll keep your site protected by installing and configuring this plugin to suit your site’s needs.

Brute Force Protection

Limit the number of failed login attempts allowed per user with WordPress brute force protection. When bots try to forcefully guess your password, they’ll get automatically locked out.

File Chance Detection

If someone manages to get into your site, they’ll probably add, remove or change files. Get email alerts showing any recent file changes so you know if you’ve been hacked. We’ll also revert them to its original state.

404 Detection

We’ll scan your site for harfmul bots and 404 errors. We’ll will lock out that IP after a specified time limit to ensure that no further damage is made to your site’s infrastructure. 404 monitoring is set to run 24/7.

Force Strong Password

Set which level of users on your site (admins, editors, users, etc.) need to have strong passwords. Strong password enforcement is one of the best ways to lock down WordPress.

Hide Login & Admin

Change the default URL of your WordPress login area so attackers don’t know where to look. This action is also great for helping customers remember your login link.

Away Mode

Don’t make changes to your site 24 hours a day? We can make the WordPress dashboard inaccessible during specific hours so that no one else can sneak in and try to make changes.

How do we secure your site?

Our team of WordPress experts is always here to help you navigate the world of WordPress security.
With our vast industry knowledge, we can secure both your site and your business. 

Daily Cloud Backups

Have peace of mind knowing your site is always protected. We offer site protection with Weekly Backups, ensuring your hacked site is always one restore away.

Force Secure Passwords

We will ensure that all your passwords have high levels of security.

Daily Malware Scan

Our scanner against viruses and hackers will always be monitoring your site. With daily scans, we protect your site from any attack.

SSL Certificate

We will install a security certificate on your website and thus ensure that the transmission of data between the browser and your site is secure.

Database Protection

At WP Gang we have a wide range of security processes to protect your site’s database.

Real-Time Monitoring

We will have your website monitored 24 hours a day. Nothing can come close to your website without us knowing.

Brute Force Protection

You’ll  be protected from DDoS attacks. Our security system is designed to prevent even the most complex and sophisticated Brute Force attacks.

Install a Firewall

We’ll configure a Firewall that will scan, and block any malicious attacks that can potentially damage your website.

WordPress Security You Can Trust

Unlike most WordPress security companies, we do not offer a “fix & forget” service. We have a WordPress specialist working with you to ensure your website is secure and stays secure. Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Sign up

Sign up for an all-inclusive WordPress Maintenance plan. This will include WordPress security services powered by our expert-vetted team of WordPressers!

Step 2

Sefety review

Our team of professionals will review your site’s security status and find vulnerabilities you may have. 

Step 3

Application of security measures

After identifying any vulnerabilities, we’ll apply security patches, strengthen access points and configure a firewall for 24/7 protection. In the event your site is clear of any threats, we’ll set up all-day security monitoring.



Finally, we’ll send weekly site reports, letting you know of all changes made on your site as well as any security threats taken care of over the last period.

Meet The Team

Frank Lora

CEO – Founder

“Frank has a keen interest in web design & development. Over the last 7 years he’s development an interesting curiosity of all things WordPress that has eventually led him undertake his mission of removing the friction in building and maintaing a WordPress website.”

Henry Ventura

Junior WordPresser

Developer and lover of websites, Henry’s in constant learning of new and old methods to help solve the problems that your website may present. When he’s not wordpressing, he’s enjoying time with friends.

Virginia Mendoza

Junior WordPresser

Virginia always loves a new WordPress challenge, especially when it gets her creative juices flowing. As a new mother, she enjoys the challenge of family as much as she enjoys the Internet.

Santiago Hernández

Senior WordPresser

A lover of the web, and creative by nature, Santiago has over 7 years of experience developing and maintaining websites. from simple builds too complex Websites, Santiago has done it all.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Great design and quick turn around on my business website. If you are looking for a great web design company, then I recommend WP Gang 100%.”

Jason Jeter


“I needed to get my WordPress based website up to latest releases for plug-ins and I needed to do upgrades in other areas to improve response time on pages. Then I needed to get some SEO work done on my website. I was looking for someone who could come up to speed quickly and do a good solid job in a timely manner. WP Gang Delivered.”

Michael Hugos

SCM Globe

“Completely happy with WP Gang and their work, we will certainly be working on more projects in the near future (white-label).”

Brent Ellis

Host My Apple

Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if my website is taken down by a malicious attack?

We will immediately clean up your website, reactivate it and check the weak point of your site so that it does not happen again.

Will I still receive spam emails?

No, not at all. You will stop receiving those annoying emails from the website.


How soon can I have my website secured?

Your website will be secured immediately and automatically from the very first moment, thanks to our efficient security process, which provides security and confidence 24 hours a day.

How do I know if my website needs to be secured?

Security is of vital importance for a website. A website with poor security, can be evidenced with a high level of negativity in its content, such as excessive pop-ups, suspicious information and harmful redirects when accessing the website, all this creates a bad reputation with users who enter the website. Our team is in charge of finding all these threats and vulnerabilities and once found we apply the necessary measures to secure your website.


Do I have to sign a contract?

Nope… But we do require that our clients make a minimum of 12 payments before they are able to cancel. After that, you are free to cancel at any time. Just login to your client portal and request a cancellation.

What kind of payment you acept?

We accept Credit Card, Debit Card and PayPal

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