ClickUp: A Powerful Project Management Tool At Your Fingertips

At WordPress Gang, we use ClickUp for all our project management, and you can too! It’s a powerful tool that can keep all of your work in one place. Whether it’s task tracking, notes, or communication, ClickUp can take care of it.

Bring everyone together

Collaborate in real time

Real-time Collaboration With Your Entire Team.

No more worrying about unread messages or a sea of emails every day. You can work with your whole team in real-time, all the time. Discuss and assign tasks, set deadlines, and organize files with ClickUp.

Plan, track, and manage your project with ease.

All in one place

All in one place

Your Team Is Just A Click Away

Bring your team together into a unified chat, all in one place. You can tag individuals and groups, assign tasks, add comments to an ongoing task, and keep everyone in the loop.

We make it easy for you at WordPress Gang.

Manage your project from anywhere.

Manage your Project from Anywhere.

Project Management System Features

  Visualize & Plan

You can manage any project from start to finish with customizable views that let you see everything at a glance.

   Real-time Reporting

Watch your progress live, and see how your team members are performing overall. Managing multiple tasks across projects has never been easier.

 Track Progress

Set up visual widgets for your team members, tasks, sprints, time tracking, and more! You’ll never miss an important update.

   Balance Multiple Projects

Set up any number of projects and watch their progress live while collaborating and assigning tasks as needed. ClickUp offers you unlimited projects so that you can organize everything.


Keep your team close, no matter how far away they are, thanks to the built-in chat features and comment system. Never miss a beat, and tackle any questions your team has.

 Track, Triage, and Assign

Keep issues, bugs, and top concerns at the forefront of your project with assigned tasks and a queuing system.

Manage Your Project Like A Boss.

Save time on operations, so you can focus on growing your business.

We’ll Take Care Of Your Website

We Will Take Care of your Website

The Benefits of Using ClickUp

   Stay Up To Date

You’ll have constant updates on your project, with over 20 customizable views, to get the info you need.

   No Time Wasted

Observe progress on your overall project or individual tasks in real-time, and give feedback all within the same platform.

   Manage Everything You Need

If you have multiple teams or projects (Or both!), we can add them to your system and keep everything you need in one place.

   Work Smarter, Not Harder

Keep every detail you need all in one place and have a built-in chat to communicate to your entire team without any extra hassle or switching between programs.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Great design and quick turn around on my business website. If you are looking for a great web design company, then I recommend WP Gang 100%.”

Jason Jeter


“I needed to get my WordPress based website up to latest releases for plug-ins and I needed to do upgrades in other areas to improve response time on pages. Then I needed to get some SEO work done on my website. I was looking for someone who could come up to speed quickly and do a good solid job in a timely manner. WP Gang Delivered.”

Michael Hugos

SCM Globe

“Completely happy with WP Gang and their work, we will certainly be working on more projects in the near future (white-label).”

Brent Ellis

Host My Apple