We Keep Your Website Up To Date, Year Round!

The easiest way to keep your WordPress website up to date is with WP Gang. We take the headache of maintenance and updating your website away so that you can focus on your business.

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Easier Upgrades and Maintenance At Your Fingertips

Forget about dealing with your website updates and worrying about damaging your site. We’ve got you covered. We ensure your website’s plugins and WordPress version stay up to date and everything runs smoothly.

Your Information Will Always Be Safe

You no longer need to fret about making an update to your website. We take care of it with data backups, compatibility checks, and plugin updates.

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Managed WordPress Update Features

  Our Team Is In Charge

WP Gang will cover updating your WordPress site’s plugins, themes, and core files, so you don’t have to.

   What Needs to be Updated?

Not sure about what’s safe to update? We’ll investigate for any known issues and make sure that your website is secure.

 Complete Coverage

If you have more than one WordPress site, we can keep them all updated at all times, so you don’t need to worry.

   Guaranteed Full Functionality

Once we’ve updated your website, we perform both a manual and an automated test of the site to ensure functionality.

   We Won’t Interrupt

We aim for updates during low-traffic hours so that you never need to worry about performance issues during peak business hours.

 Customized Reports

Each site is monitored for uptime, performance, and security. We also offer customized reporting for monthly metrics.

Don’t Risk the Integrity of Your Website

Websites with out-of-date plugins make a perfect target for malicious attacks such as DDoS, code injection, and more. WP Gang helps you stay safe by keeping everything updated and giving you peace of mind.

How Do Updates Work for WP Gang?

We work on your website to keep it running smoothly, giving you a worry-free experience.

Step One

Backup Your Website

We make a backup of your website to safeguard against any data loss in case of an emergency.

Step Two


Our team will update all of the plugins on your website and WordPress’s core files if needed. This ensures your website has no bugs or compatibility issues.

Step Three


We perform a detailed review of the functionality of your site to make sure there are no potential issues with performance or usability.

Step Four

Wrapping It Up

Once completed, our team will contact you to know the website was updated. We also include a report of all the updated plugins and themes.

We will take care of your website

Benefits of WordPress Updates

  Full Functionality

Updating your site guarantees the full functionality of your website without any potential issues, so your users can keep using it without any problems.

   Plugin Security

One of the most significant issues with outdated plugins is the security risk for malicious attackers or vulnerabilities. We make sure that your website is as secure as possible.

Themes and Builders

Similar to plugins, unmaintained themes can easily lead to exploits or a poor user experience, driving customers away from your website.

   Peace of Mind

Website errors can cause massive issues for a business, but you can guarantee a perfect user experience every time with us.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Great design and quick turn around on my business website. If you are looking for a great web design company, then I recommend WP Gang 100%.”

Jason Jeter


“I needed to get my WordPress based website up to latest releases for plug-ins and I needed to do upgrades in other areas to improve response time on pages. Then I needed to get some SEO work done on my website. I was looking for someone who could come up to speed quickly and do a good solid job in a timely manner. WP Gang Delivered.”

Michael Hugos

SCM Globe

“Completely happy with WP Gang and their work, we will certainly be working on more projects in the near future (white-label).”

Brent Ellis

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