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We were faced with a massive list of issues to resolve, ranging from graphical issues to responsiveness, but we managed to bring it all together to a beautiful page.


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The Challenge

Millenial Law’s website had several graphical issues to resolve, as well as responsive functionality throughout the site. The client prepared a long list of changes for our team to take care of.

How did we WordPress for Millennial Law ?

WP Gang was in charge of making all the graphical and functionality improvements. In addition to solving all the problems that the Millenial Law site had.

What Are The Results

We obtained a website with an optimized design and perfectly configured to work on mobile devices of any kind, in addition to obtaining a website with a clean and modern design.

Who would you recommend WP Gang to?

“I highly recommend the WP Gang team they will take care of all the problems your website may have, they helped me to optimize and improve the design of my website. They were working with me from start to finish to solve every problem my website presented, no doubt they are a great team.”