Liquid Oxygen

After struggling to keep their website up to date, WordPress Gang was brought on to bring a functioning storefront and marketing campaigns and SEO optimization.


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The Challenge

Liquid Oxygen needed a professional team to take care of keeping their website up to date, we found a website that needed functional, payment, visual and content adjustments. In addition to that, we had to prepare email campaigns in Mailchimp, as well as prepare the SEO of this website.

How did we WordPress for Liquid Oxygen ?

WP Gang took care of updating the WP Core, plugins and themes, we fixed the issues with the payment gateways, made several visual adjustments by creating some graphics in Adobe Photoshop and adjusted the content throughout the website. After that we had an updated and working website, so we could focus on generating some email campaigns that brought incredible conversion results for Liquid Oxygen.

What Are The Results

After all the work we obtained as a result an updated website, working at 100% and that increased its conversion rate by %100.

Who would you recommend WP Gang to?

“The WP Gang team helped me to give my website that extra boost it needed and with their help in the email campaigns my sales skyrocketed. I definitely recommend the guys at WP Gang, they are the best” Keekee – Liquid Oxygen.