Aviva Labs

Our client had over 160 pages to be redesigned with SEO in mind, which is usually a huge undertaking. We managed to bring over 3000 new users to their site.


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The Challenge

Aviva Labs needed a website that was faster and better optimized for SEO to achieve more conversions. The challenge was to rebuild such a large website with over 160 pages to completely rebuild, but at WP Gang, no project is too big or too small.

How did we WordPress for Aviva Labs ?

We start by creating an initial mockup where we rethink all the content to display the right information to optimize the conversion rate. And then rebuild the rest of the pages and optimize them so that they can be viewed from any mobile device and are also optimized for SEO.

What Are The Results

We obtained a website that looks modern and can be viewed very well on any device. We also managed to greatly improve the conversion rate of the website ensuring a longer time of permanence of users on the website.

Who would you recommend WP Gang to?

“The guys at WP Gang, helped me to redo my website in a better way and improve it to attract more traffic. Since we have the new website sales have started to increase.”