The latest trends in WordPress design

Just like the rest of the internet, WordPress Design has its trends to keep up with. Whether it’s design, e-commerce, or layout, there are plenty of things to keep track of in the WordPress ecosystem. In this article, we’ll cover the hottest WordPress trends for 2022.

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The Latest Trends in WordPress Design

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More accessible E-commerce User Interface Designs

Remember when digital services were an optional extra for physical retailers? That was a long time ago. Since then, eCommerce has become the sheriff of the town. Because of this, online shopping has become the norm and will likely continue to do so. Regardless of your niche, adding an eCommerce option to your website is smart.

WooCommerce is amongst the most popular plugins on WordPress and stays updated throughout the year. The E-commerce trends are all set for a comeback. The dynamics of these online stores are pretty complex and keep evolving every year with new updates like themes, plugins, and all types of visual editors.

The Dark Mode Is Here To Stay

There’s no reason for dark modes to disappear in 2022. Large brands such as Instagram, Netflix, and Apple have taken design cues from dark mode to keep up with modern design trends. Like any other trend in web design, dark mode won’t work for all businesses. However, it has become trendy over the past few years, so several organizations continue to move their marketing sites into blacker interfaces.

Minimalism and Elegant Designs

Minimalist design is rapidly becoming the new norm for websites, especially company websites or services. These designs incorporate a good amount of white space paired with engaging visuals to draw users in and are popular with users today. Let’s cover two new and trending minimal themes you can pick up today for your website.

Our first entry, Qwery, is an excellent starting point for building a business or corporate website while still using integrated elements with Elementor. It offers a modern minimalist design that can adapt to any theme or brand, and it includes over thirty stunning page layouts to start with.

Because Qwery is built with Elementor, you can skip the need for any coding knowledge and stick to their powerful drag-and-drop builder. Plus, it offers integration with WooCommerci out of the box, so you can start selling right away.

On the other hand, “Litho” offers a premium and elegant design that takes some inspiration from the minimalist design without fully committing. It is attractive and interactive, and it comes with everything you need for a great website. The theme also includes a stellar editor to modify visual effects, CSS animations, and JQuery scripts.


Animations will be present significantly in entertainment and sales designs; it has been proven to be a medium that grabs the user’s attention. These make it very attractive for companies such as Apple and Google, which are very keen on enhancing their image by communicating their new product launches. It may not be an indispensable element (like photography).

Still, the design of interfaces with a mix of animation and photography will undoubtedly be more impactful and attract the user’s attention.

Drag-and-Drop Theme Builders

To facilitate the creation of these themes, we have builders like Elementor and Divi, among others, that enable robust and intuitive website building.

They’re called “drag and drop” builders because that’s what they do— they allow you to drag elements of your website and drop them into place. Themes like this are much easier to work with and offer a highly customizable end result.


Trends 2022 are some of the best you can enjoy for your WordPress website, with very elegant layouts for almost any type of website that you can make with the best drag and drop builders we have on the market today.

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