How to add Google search console to WordPress

We’re all familiar with Google, and it’s become a household name. It’s the most common way for people to find your website, but there are many different ways to make your site appear higher on search results.

The goal of Google Search Console is to help webmasters optimize the indexing status of a website, which helps us improve the statistics of our websites. This add-on is beneficial, and you don’t need to be an expert to use it. With it, you can monitor your WordPress site’s status and search rankings.

Now, let’s get to work. Let’s see how we can add our WordPress site to Google Search Console.

Go To Google Search Console

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll need to enter your domain name and verify that you own it.

The page will show you two different options, Domains or Prefixes.

  • Domain ownership refers to the fact that you have control and ownership of all possible instances of your domain. This includes subdomains, HTTP, and HTTPS protocols. The verification process is through DNS.
  • With the URL prefix, you only have control over a specific URL and its two protocols: HTTP and HTTPS. It has multiple verification methods, including DNS and HTML tags.

You can choose either one, so pick whichever is easier for you.

There are many ways of verification, but we will do it in a simple way without having to access your host’s control panel.

We will use the HTML tag verification method.

We only need to add an HTML tag to our page, which Google will provide.

In order to do this, we’ll need a plugin called Header Footer Code Manager, which you can get here.

Once you download and install it, you need to go to the WordPress control panel and paste the snippet of the HTML code Google provided.

After that, name the snippet so you don’t forget, and then hit save.

If everything worked, your screen should look like this:

If something did go wrong, which is always possible, try to re-paste the code or clear your cache and refresh the page.

Suppose all went well; good job! You have now added your site to Google Search Console. You should note that this change can take several days to see the full effect.

Now you’ll be able to closely monitor your website performance, traffic, and many other things to improve your website SEO.

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