How to connect Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager with your WordPress site (2022)

Your WordPress website can always improve for your users, but how do we recognize what our users want or need? Well, that’s what this blog is for, to introduce you to one of the most powerful tools your WordPress website can employ.

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What Is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most used tools in the industry, it is designed to help make your business more profitable. With it we will be able to know a whole series of behaviors that will surely come in handy to make decisions based on data.

Through this report you will obtain statistics that will help you to make decisions based on data, and thus increase the performance of your website.

Google Analytics, in short, serves to analyze your website and mobile application, improving their performance by displaying all the information it collects about its performance and activity. Through Google Analytics you can know the strengths and weaknesses of your website or mobile application.

Now let’s start downloading and installing the Google Analytics plugin for WordPress is quite simple.

Steps to link your Google Analitycs and Tag Manager account

Step 1. We go from the browser and type Google Analytics > then click on Start measuring and from this step we just have to follow the instructions.

Step 2. When we get to the step Set up a data stream to start collecting data, select Web and enter the url of your WordPress website and the Name of your website > Click on Create stream.

Step 3. In Tagging Instructions > Global site tag (gtag.js) > copy and all the Script and go to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 4. Select the Appearance > Theme File Editor option (to choose the theme on which you have created your website), once selected the theme to edit, in theme files select > header.php and paste the Script that we had already copied between the tags, update the file and Google Analitycs would already be working.

Google Tag Manager

Step 5. Now we go to Tagging Instructions > Google Tag Manager > In the 3-puts menu select > Create container > name the container > select the web option > Create.

Step 6. Once created it will open a window with a Script which contains the ID we need, this ID is written in capital letters and looks like this ‘GTM-UYTNAGJKS’.

Step 7. Now, we go to your WordPress > download the Google Tag Manager for WordPress plugin.

Step 8. We activate the plugin > Go to settings > Google Tag Manager ID and in the space we will place the ID we got earlier and save the changes.


Google Analitycs and Tag Manager are the perfect tools to collect data that your website needs and with these steps you can have everything set up smoothly, your WordPress website will already be collecting data that can help you improve your website content in all aspects, since your content at the end of the day is judged by your website visitors.

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