10 Important WordPress Admin Dashboard Features That you’ve been ignoring

WordPress is an excellent platform for creating and hosting websites. However, it’s essential to know how to use your site effectively. There are a lot of features that WordPress has out-of-the-box that many people don’t even know exist! This post looks at 10 of the most useful features in both Core and 3rd party plugins – from SEO to social media integration.

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Preview Themes Without Activating Them

Today it’s relatively easy to download free themes from the WordPress theme marketplace. However, not all themes are good quality, and many don’t comply with the WordPress specifications. In order to test a theme, you would have to either subscribe to their premium plan or pay money for a new theme. However, this doesn’t have to be the case!

There is now a way to preview a theme without making it a part of your website. All you need to do is go to the theme page and click “Preview,” and you can check it out without any tinkering involved. However, not all websites will look as good in a preview mode compared to something custom-made.

Move, Add, or Delete Dashboard Widgets

Whenever we enter our WordPress website, the first thing we see is a dashboard that’s filled with shortcuts to all of the places on your site. If you spend most of your time on your website on the dashboard, it can be annoying to see new posts and comments there. The default view makes it seem like everything is happening in the main posts area, making it difficult to see the dashboard properly.

Clicking any of them will take you there instantly without having to go through pages and pages – these are called widgets! You can drag them around anywhere as well, so they fit just right for you or even hide ’em if ya don’t need it at this time (or ever).

Make Links by Pasting URLs Directly into The Text

One of the most overlooked features in WordPress 4.5 is the ability to paste links into the visual editor, making it easier than ever for you to convert text into a link with just two simple steps: copy and then press CTRL+V!

One of the best parts about this feature is that because there are so many options (URLs from webpages or even URLs within your document), you can easily create hyperlinks as well without having any prior knowledge of HTML coding whatsoever!

Custom Post Types (CPTs) And Custom Fields (CFs)

WordPress comes with a default post type for your posts, but nowadays, we can create our own post types, whatever the case we need it using the Custom Post Types. For example, posts for case studies, recipe types, travel, etc.

We will be able to customize these post types to our liking since we will be able to add custom fields and custom designs.

To add custom fields, we must use the custom fields, which allow us to add custom fields to our Custom Post Type, or we can even add custom fields to the Post Type that comes by default in WordPress.

We can use plugins like Toolset and Custom Post Type UI to add custom post types and custom fields.

Accessibility Mode for Widgets

Drag and drop widgets into sidebars? It’s easy as pie unless you’re like the rest of us who prefer a good ol’ mouse or trackpad to do that dragging stuff around! Fortunately, WordPress has your back with its hidden accessibility mode for widgets. This accessibility mode is an alternative way to organize widgets if you don’t like dragging and dropping them.

To activate the accessibility mode, you must go to Appearance>Widgets, and then you must select the Screen Options button where you can activate it.

Keyboard Shortcuts Help You Write Faster

When it comes to writing a blog, we are always looking to do it in the most efficient way possible. For this, WordPress gives us the necessary tools to write our blogs with the quality you need, and we can also do it in the shortest time possible. WordPress has incorporated into its text editor some keyboard shortcuts that will allow us to write much faster. You may not notice it at first glance, but it is incredible how much time we can save by keeping our hands on our keyboard instead of using the mouse. This is the purpose of these shortcuts.There are more than 85 keyboard shortcuts in WordPress today.

Edit Images in WordPress

If you want to optimize an image by changing its size, transparency, or rotating it, you don’t need to enter Photoshop or any other tool first. You can do it directly in WordPress.

Editing images in WordPress is extremely easy. Just go to Media, upload the image you want to edit, or you can edit an image you already have uploaded. After the image is uploaded, you will open it and select the edit button. You can resize it, rotate it and even flip it vertically or horizontally if you wish.

Show/Hide Things Using Screen Options

Every WordPress user knows that the Display Options are somewhere under the Display Options link in the top right corner. There are several options you can control from this link. It allows you to hide or show things like the header image, author name, comment link, etc.

These options are recommended in cases where the end-user will have access to the parts that make up the design of the backend screens. Because end-users, in many instances, can accidentally modify the design, it is necessary to hide the design screens to prevent them from being changed.

Access to the Administration Page

This is one of the functions that very few people know about. We all know how to access the WordPress control panel through wp-admin, but many do not know that you can access it through another link.

You must enter the address mydomain.com/admin and this way, and you will enter the wp-admin that we know, only it is another way to write it.

Remote Logout Feature

There are many reasons why we might want to log out of our WordPress dashboard. We could be working on a project for someone or have left the computer running while getting coffee last night and forgot about it when we woke up this morning. Whatever your reason is, there’s now an easy way, thanks to Remote Logouts! With remote logs, you can remotely control all your active sessions from one place–the login screen!

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